Why Yoga in the Corporate Set-Up?


IMG_4322 Employers these days are being challenged with the increasing demand of their clients. The theme faster, better and cheaper are becoming the norm. Meeting crazy deadlines, the need this “now” or needed this “yesterday” all while sustaining high quality at a seemingly lower price are creating stressors not only to the business but also the employees’ lives. This scenario makes it all the more challenging for companies, as they now have to deal with their most valuable asset in delivering this new client demand. The workforce.

In recent years, employee satisfaction is no longer defined by just salary and career opportunities alone. With the daily grind of work, more employees are increasingly getting sick and realize that they are living an unhealthy lifestyle.

People start realizing the value of not just having work-life balance but also the importance of their own health in leading happier lives.

Given these challenges, employers’ are now offering wellness alternatives and one of them is YOGA.

How can yoga help with the rapid changes in business demands?

  • Yoga helps detoxify the body from the inside out. It can improve bowel movement given the various poses that stimulate the digestive system. Perspiring during a class also help sweat out the toxins from the body.

  • With increase blood circulation, the practice helps to re-energize the body as oxygen is better distributed in other organs that do not normally receive good oxygen supply.

  • With proper breathing exercises, yoga also helps in calming the mind.

These are just the few benefits of the practice. When done regularly it alleviates a person’s overall health making one feel better physically, which in turn directly impacts one’s mood and disposition in daily life.


Eventually, (with other work factors set aside) the practice can help create happier people who are more productive at work leading to increase employee satisfaction and perhaps can even translate to a better client satisfaction on the overall.


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