Veggie Zen


Operating with most of its proceeds going to the Zen Buddhist monastery, this vegetarian restaurant in San Juan is a must-visit! It boasts of its affordable yet a wide variety of surprisingly delicious vegetarian items. Some bestselling items are:


Veggie Tacos and Simpaoku with Cashew Nuts,

  1. Oakwood Mushroom is the restaurant’s best selling item. A breaded mushroom, which is delectable to taste — Perhaps similar to Calamari. Each order is already good for 2 and is friendly on the pocket. Roughly around P120 only.
  1. The Tacos also capture hearts not only amongst vegetarians but meat eaters as well. Its crispy taco shell and soy-based meat will make anyone come back for more.
  1. Simpaoku is a stir-fried breaded mushroom with bell pepper and carrots in sweet and sour sauce. Roughly around P170.
  1. Laing, one of the best in town. Truly flavourful despite the no-meat recipe.It has the right spicy-ness balanced by its coconut-flavored taste. One serving is good for 2-3 people.

And of course, they also serve healthy beverages: Barley with Edamame, Fresh Lemon Juice, Wintermelon tea, etc.

FUTURE POTENTIAL: It’s affordable yet deliciously healthier dishes are its promising strengths that can help it stay in business.

Vegetarian restaurants that can offer vainds, which can easily become a favorite even amongst non-vegetarians at a friendly price, are keys to stay in the business.


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