Healthier go-to-groceries

Despite its few numbers, Healthier Go-To-Groceries seem to have been steadily gaining a wave of supporter.

A few of them are in your neighborhood.

  • Echo Store has been continuously expanding since it opened its first branch last 2008 in Serendra. A mini-grocery on its own, majority of Echo store’s products is locally sourced from fresh produce; packaged goods to personal care items.
    • It also supports an array of indigenous tribes and women who have created some of the products in Echo Store.


  • Earth Origins sells organic vegetables, meat and various packaged food items some are locally sourced, other package snack goods are imported from more developed countries which have more health conscious consumers.


Organic Meat and Egg on sale



A plethora of healthier snacks



FUTURE POTENTIAL: With the Philippine’s good economy, these groceries are rooting itself in the FMCG landscape and seem to have a growing potential as more and more Filipinos become conscious of what they eat.