Health Trends in the Philippine Market

With faster lifestyle and wider access to loads of information, consumers have more choices and are starting to be more conscious on items they buy. The consumer landscape is changing at a more rapid rate than what we have seen in the past decade.

Health is one category in which this rapid change can be quickly felt. From food, beverage, RTW to the service industry…according to Euromonitor data, a London-based market research firm, the growth in health and wellness industry will continue in 2015 and is seen to further grow particularly packaged goods. We can say that it seems that this trend is here to stay.

Here is a list of trends spotted in the last few years:

  1. Selling beyond sales, patronizing of products and services that support “human values” than just the sales

e.g.  The Marginalized, The Uneducated, The Poor

  • National Book Store encourages individual donation of school supplies. They provide a set of notebook and pen for customers to tangibly see what is going to be donated to less fortunate kids.



  • Starbucks supports initiatives in the building of classrooms in Mindanao just by purchasing bottled water. For each Hope in a Bottle purchased in Starbucks stores, 100% of HOPE’s profits went to build a Starbucks classroom for students.



  • Echo Store is a social enterprise carrying green, fair trade products created by the marginalized community groups from different parts of the Philippines.


ECHOStore Signage on Wood Planks 1.37m x .28m.cdr



  1. The mushrooming of “Go Local” products and cafes
  • Bayani Brew


  • Bo’s Coffee
    • The cafe sells local coffees e.g. Cordillera, Sagada, Kitanlad etc…



  1. The growing support for healthy restaurants and mini-groceries
  • Vibe Cafe


3. Fitness that incorporates fun and innovative specialty trainings

  • Think about boxing gyms or martial arts studios as some obvious examples. specialty fitness is all the rage, and things like martial arts, dance or even trapeze are being brought to the Filipinos such as Martial Art Studios, Parkour,  The Factory, and Ninja Academy.


  • Specialty fitness programs that focus on a particular style of exercise, piece of equipment or even philosophical approach are exploding across the country. Some focus on interval training, others on yoga or Pilates, etc.


  1. Support for alternative health therapies


  • Living Life Well located in Megamall’s Atrium Center has been offering Alternative Healing Therapies e.g. acupuncture, ventosa, pranic healing, etc.



  • Ayurvedic Wellness center in Quezon City. With an in-house ayurvedic doctor, the clinic provides Ayurveda treatments based on one’s body constitution


  1. Wellness in the medical community

“West meets East”

No longer just focused on western treatments, the Philippine medical community acknowledges the need for holistic treatments. In recent years, it is incorporating preventive wellness programs in their health service.

  • The Medical City and St. Luke’s had given birth to Wellness Departments
    • The wellness departments offer alternative wellness therapies e.g. Acupuncture and Functional Medicine services. The offers either prevent aggravation of existing illnesses or help patients recover from existing ones.
  • Centro Holistico
    • Built by doctors who found passion in promoting and practicing Integrative Medicine – wherein theories of both alternative medicine and conventional western medicine are used in diagnoses and treatment of patients- this newly built clinic is gaining ground in Alabang.


(credits to the owners of the photos)


** Details of some trends mentioned here will be expounded in the upcoming articles.